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Commercial Capabilities

Concrete Designs Inc. offers a variety of specialty services to bring value to a commercial or residential project, and to assist in coordinating the project.

CDI offers detailed submittal packages on projects to support the communication early in the process to insure the job goes smoothly.

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Commercial entrywayCommercial arched entryway


Structural precast concrete and Cast Stone represent a specialty product group. These products require the facility and equipment needed to insure the precast pieces are made in a controlled environment to achieve the structural properties. They require the expertise to enhance the looks of the products since the material will be visible on the project. A common application is lintels which sometimes have to be both decorative as well as functional.

Commercial structural cast stone precast concrete

With state-of-the art batching and specialty casting equipment, CDI offers these products to our customers.


Concrete Designs Inc. partners with engineers to assist project managers in coordinating the engineering on specialty architectural precast concrete and Cast Stone projects. CDI maintains engineering resources across the U.S. These engineers are able to design the rebar and attachment needed for specific conditions and also review issues such as strengths and wind loads. These engineering documents supplement CDI's own submittal packages which are developed for approvals to insure thorough communication. This will minimize issues and cost as material is delivered and installed.

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Commercial structural cast stone precast concrete  Commercial structural cast stone precast concrete


Re-building and restoring unique and significant buildings in the U.S. is a growing and important trend. Many of the buildings built as cities developed are in disrepair but they offer a look at the history and attention to detail that cannot be duplicated. CDI has worked on a variety of projects which illustrate how modern materials can bring back the details of the early construction.

Commercial architectural renovation

Before and After

Before  After

Large Quantities

Commercial projects often require large quantities of product. CDI's production and tooling facilities are over 42,000 square feet and the yard encompasses over ten acres. CDI maintains two batch plants and each has a gray and a white cement silo. This allows CDI to run large mixes in order to accommodate large product runs and minimize variations in the material.

CDI Batch Plants and Production Facility
Concrete Designs Inc batch plants  Concrete Designs Inc production

Additionally, CDI has a specialty tooling shop designed to help meet our customer's needs. This compliments a large inventory of standard molds to facilitate those projects requiring large product quantities.

CDI Tooling Shop and Mold Inventory

Concrete Designs Inc tooling shopConcrete Designs Inc mold inventory

Value Engineering

With over 50 years of history and a large inventory of standard molds, CDI is often called upon by architects and owners to help achieve the design goals, but also to maintain the quality of the job and stay within a budget.

The key to the success is flexibility and communication. Send your drawings and requirements to one of CDI's experienced Product Consultants and they will review these along with the available designs to find a solution. CDI can assist with drawings and samples to develop a solution that will obtain the required look and finish.Commercial value engineering

This is an example of the submittal on a project where CDI was able to use standard designs to achieve the look specified on the project. This resulted not only in a good looking project but saved the owners money on tooling and helped the contractor with scheduling. Detailed submittals provided by CDI insure the project is well planned in advance to eliminate costly problems during installation.

Durability and Detail for Signs, Medallions and Other Applications

Specialty architectural precast concrete and Cast Stone products offer the durability and detail to solve problems and enhance the project. Some of the applications include signs, medallions, and markers. In addition, concrete offers properties not found in other materials which makes concrete good for other special situations.

CDI cast stone precast concrete signage


CDI cast stone precast medallions

Other Applications

These castings were used as cemetery plot markers.

CDI cast stone precast cemetary markers

Precast concrete and Cast Stone can be used to solve problems created when other materials fail to perform. An example in the picture below illustrates a situation where the bases of the columns on this historic building failed and CDI duplicated the original look with precast concrete to solve the issue and keep the original design on the building.

CDI cast stone precast concrete durability

If you have an unusual situation, contact CDI to assist you with a way to use concrete to solve the need.

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