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Just what is meant by CDI's new reDesign Service?

Well it could mean a number of things. . . 

— It could mean the preposition, re: In this case it would translate to: in connection with, about, or regarding design. Design is part of our name.

— It could mean the prefix, re: In this case it would mean back or again.  CDI is often asked to help with architectural restorations.

— It could stand for Residential Entry designs and is our forte. This is the focus of your home. It defines you. Most budgets favor more elaborate entry instead of other design elements. Let us help you create something special.

— It could stand for Reduced Expense. When you let us help you with your design before you frame, your chances of meeting your budget increase exponentially.

— Lastly, it could stand for Resources and Experience. Since 1958 we have been helping our customers enhance important architectural features of their homes using our extensive inventory of casting profiles.

CDI's reDesign Service can provide you value by pairing your ideas with our inventory of shapes. By achieving our goal of eliminating as many custom shapes as possible, you will save mold charges and manufacturing time.

Here's just one example

This is an elevation drawing of what the architect and owner envisioned for their entryway. Nearly every part in this design would have resulted in mold charges for custom tooling. Each of the approximately one dozen molds would cost a minimum of $600 each. That’s $7,200 before a casting is even made!


The next drawing is the first page from the efforts made by CDI reDesign service. We have matched what is called “design intent,” but mostly used existing CDI molds. The minor changes made from the original rendering resulted in reduced costs and shorter lead times by substituting standard shapes for the custom elements originally drawn.


And, here is the completed entryway.


How does this service work?

It's simple. . .

1. First, you send us something to work with. This could be as simple as a photo or a sketch of your concept. You can even send us examples of shapes you want to incorporate in your design!

2. A manufacturer's representative will contact you to discuss our interpretation of your design.

3. Our rep will review the information we have been provided with our designer and assess our capability to achieve the design you like using CDI shapes.

4. We will phone you to discuss our thoughts and suggestions.

Remember. . .

Up to this point you have incurred no financial or contractual obligation to CDI!

If you should decide to proceed. . .

• We assess a $500 non-refundable deposit to proceed with your redesign.

• CDI will provide you with a complete set of labeled, dimensioned drawings. If you don’t like them, we will provide you with up to two revisions based upon your redlines of the drawings we supply.

• When the drawings are completed, we will provide you with a quotation for manufacturing and delivery.If you go forward with the project and purchase the architectural precast drawn, CDI will apply the $500 non-refundable deposit to the cost of your project.

Let us help you make your design more affordable!





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