Concrete Designs has assembled this page of documents to address a number of specific issues related to the terminology and nomenclature as we use it for our architectural precast concrete and architectural Cast Stone products, as well as for ordering, specification, delivery and installation processes.

PDF_icon Illustrations of Terminology

PDF_icon Helpful Nomenclature Items

PDF_icon Pricing Information

PDF_icon Submittal Example

PDF_icon Engineering Document Example

PDF_icon Specifications—Architectural Precast Concrete

PDF_icon Specifications—CDI Cast Stone Specification 4720 Rev 012916 New

PDF_icon Specifications—Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

PDF_icon Shipping and Delivery information

PDF_icon Product Delivery Information Sheet — Arizona

PDF_icon Product Delivery Information Sheet — Other States

PDF_icon Delivery Map for Driver

PDF_icon General Installation Information

PDF_icon Column Installation Information

PDF_icon Column Attachment Illustration

PDF_icon Installing Full-Round Columns

PDF_icon Fireplace Mantel Installation

PDF_icon Information on Pavers

PDF_icon Setting, Clean-up and Sealing