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2014 October Newsletter


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October 2014

Bridge 9 20 1

CDI Baluster Panels Help Create Look of the Past. . .

When the city of Tucson decided to build a bridge that re-created the look of the downtown Tucson area of the past, CDI was enlisted to help with the task. The bridge is part of the modern street-car project and it incorporates many details which are symbols of the past including these bridge railing designs.

Bridge 9 20 2The bridge which crosses the Santa Cruz River brings back the look of the 1930’s. At the same time, the bridge is designed to be functional for vehicles and includes the canopies as shade for pedestrians and staircases leading down to the river-walk. The balustrade is a replica of the original Congress Street Bridge railings. The railings were cast according to structural engineering standards. CDI provided the shop drawings and engineering of the pieces, designed the molds, and supplied the balustrade which is a major component of the overall project. Bridges typically stand for 50-75 years so the details of this bridge will be enjoyed for many years to come.


A Sill is just a Sill. . .
until you need another size

precast sills screencapThe good news is that CDI has hundreds of sizes of sills. Standard molds are available for sills and copings in a wide range of sizes. These can typically be produced quickly and without the cost of custom tooling. The CDI website was recently updated to help our clients find the sill size they need. The sills are sorted by width size to make this task easier. We encourage you to visit our website and see if one of these sills will work for you. Links to the pdf files and the CAD details can be found on the website.   If you do not find the size you need, talk to one of our product consultants because we regularly add new sizes.

CDI Shop Drawings Will Make Your Job Easier

As the amount of information has changed, so has CDI's approach to projects-particularly the commercial jobs. It is our goal to assist the contractors and installers at the jobsite by providing detailed drawings which they can use to communicate with the architects and other trades to achieve the desired results. On many projects CDI is completing detailed submittals to insure that the job runs smoothly.

bridge elev
These drawings will include product placement as well as attachment details and locations.  These are also the basis of the shop drawings for custom tooled projects.  Planning ahead is the key to a successful project and our goal is to help with this. 



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