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2015 October Newsletter


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October 2015

“Architecture is a direct and substantial representation of history and place. By preserving historic structures, we are able to share the very spaces and environments in which the generations before us lived. Historic preservation is the visual and tangible conservation of cultural identity.” 


Concrete Designs Inc. (CDI) was asked to help on the historic restoration of the Montgomery Ward Building in downtown Tucson, AZ.  Architect, Roy Place was well-respected in the early 1900’s and was responsible for some significant projects in Tucson (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy_Place).  The building was changed from his original design in the mid 1900’s under urban renewal.  In 2009 CDI was enlisted to help restore the building to the original design.

With a few drawings and pictures from 1929 our tooling team set to work with the architecture firm of Poster Frost Mirto.  The original drawings were translated into CAD software to illustrate what the finished project would be and to provide a platform to base design decisions on.  Once the design was agreed to the tooling team worked to bring the detail to life.

While the molds were being produced the masonry suppliers (Oden Construction for phase 1 and Sun Valley Masonry for phase 2) were removing the urban renewal facade to inspect and reinforce the structure.  At this point the design had to be flexible to allow for the modifications to the buildings substrate.  This process required many site visits and redesigns to ensure everything would fit.

Once the substrate was ready and the castings were produced the intricate installation process began.  Regular communications with the skilled masons was absolutely essential to the high quality installation.  This building currently houses the University of Arizona’s landscape architecture college and has helped rejuvenate Tucson’s downtown environment.

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