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Balustrade hand rails and base stretchers are manufactured in three-foot lengths.

Options include:

  • Drainage weepholes in the M82 base.
  • Dowel pin holes, spaced at 7", 9" or 12". Seven inch spacing will usually satisfy the 4" UBC requirement, although certain baluster styles cannot be installed with the 7" spacing.
  • One-inch PVC pipe rather than the standard reinforcing steel rod (#3).
  • Weld plates for field welding the hand rails and bases.

The 28-day compressive strength of the balusters exceeds 5000 PSI. Spindle shapes with abruptly changing diameters are prone to cracking and, despite the high strength of our concrete, they cannot be guaranteed against hairline cracks. 

Baluster textures tend to be coarser than our average textures.

Drawings: Balusters | Base Rails and Adapters | Hand Rails

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