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Fireplace Mantels

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Drawings: Standard Fireplace Designs | GFRC Designs

The fireplace mantel surround is often the central feature of a room. CDI offers precast concrete and lightweight glass fiber reinforced concrete mantels. The castings are modular providing the freedom to choose from a wide variety of designs. The components are field cut to maintain the affordability of the mantel. Custom designs are also an option for specialty design. Simple precast mantels are very affordable. These can be enhanced by adding elements to the mantel, or by adding colors and textures which create the look of natural stone such as limestone or canterra stone.

The mantels in the GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) series are produced in one or few pieces so this lighter-weight material is used. The material is available in colors and textures, but the GFRC colors and textures may vary slightly from standard precast concrete material.

Drawings: Standard Fireplace Designs | GFRC Designs

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