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Pavers are one of the most versatile products available from CDI. In addition to being used to create attractive flooring and patio paving, pavers can be used as filler pieces when working with architectural details such as facades and surrounds. Pavers are often used as jamb pieces in windows surrounds or to "fill in" spaces in facades. Pavers are also used to clad buildings or parts of buildings creating a look of stone-cladding.

Flooring - Pavers can be used to create a flooring that is durable and attractive. When using pavers for flooring, CDI recommends that you select a standard concrete sealer that is appropriate for the application.

Cladding - Pavers are used in conjunction with other moldings to clad wall areas creating the appearance of a stone clad wall. This is often found on facades or over fireplace mantels.

Jambs - Pavers can be used with standard molding surrounds to cover door and window jambs. A wide variety of paver widths and curved variations makes this an easy method for creating a full, stone look.

Fillers - Pavers can be used to complete installations by using standard product - without adding the cost of tooling. Many times a paver can "fill in" space on the wall giving the installation a more complete look.

Note: When using pavers for applications other than flooring, corrugated fasteners must be specified when placing the order.

Radials - CDI maintains a large stock of radial paver molds.

Contact a CDI product consultant to determine mold availability for pavers

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