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Ordering, Planning, Payment, and Lead Times


Our product consultant staff is available weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. MST to provide product and technical support, pricing and shipping information, and estimating/take-off assistance.

A Successful Project
The success of the project will depend on thorough planning. All parties involved in the project need to understand the order and installation. Using a knowledgeable installer will help guide this process. We invite you to spend time with the product consultant to understand the pieces on the order. We ask that you review the order, ask questions, and sign the order to confirm that this material will meet your needs. If there are changes to the project during the construction process, it is likely that this may impact the precast required. The cost of shipping a few pieces can be very expensive so it's important to plan for these requirements in the order process.

One consideration in selecting Cast Stone precast concrete is that it is made from natural materials. The colors and textures will vary slightly unlike some of the other materials. The good news is that it will age naturally and the longer term maintenance will be minimal. To be sure Cast Stone precast concrete is the material for you, we suggest you study the pictures both in our catalog and on the website. Notice that there will be color and texture variations. We believe this is part of the character of the product, but we also realize, this natural look is not for everyone.

Because of the custom nature of your order, payment in full is required before an order can be scheduled for production or delivery. The date payment is received determines the date scheduling and lead times will begin.

Lead Times
Lead times will vary from project to project. CDI schedules priorities as payment for the project is received. If you have specific requirements, it is best to discuss this with your Product Consultant. In addition to the payment, CDI requires a fully approved order and detailed delivery information.

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