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Shipping and Delivery

Delivery schedules vary, depending on product availability. Your Product Consultant will keep you informed as to when you can expect your delivery. Customers will be notified of estimated arrival times approximately 24 to 48 hours prior to shipping. In all cases, the customer should plan to meet the truck to insure the delivery goes smoothly. 

CDI utilizes independent carriers to ship nationwide. Delivery addresses must be clearly defined and sites must be accessible by a 75-foot-long truck and trailer. It is the customer's responsibility to notify us of any travel restrictions in the job site area and to obtain any special access permits. 

At times, shipments must be consolidated to obtain satisfactory trucking commitments. The shipping costs for you are kept at a minimum by "sharing" truck space with others; therefore, the shipping date may be affected. 

Current phone numbers (cell phones are helpful) and someone to answer the call are a necessity. The drivers attempt to meet scheduled times; however, weather and traffic are unpredictable. The driver may need to call you. 

To insure that trucks stay on schedule, it is necessary to unload the trucks promptly. Truck delay charges may result from significant delays. Contact CDI's transportation department if you need information about the time allotted for unloading.

It is the customer's responsibility to furnish equipment and labor to unload the trucks, unless other arrangements are made.

Unpacking Your Product
The product is consolidated on pallets to minimize the shipping cost. Each pallet is numbered and there will be a packing list with the paperwork with columns of corresponding numbers. The column 1 column corresponds to pallet 1 and identifies which pieces are on the pallet. Take time to unpack the pallets and understand the pieces on each pallet as this will make the installation go much more smoothly.


The newly delivered concrete may be a slightly different shade of color than an older sample. This should be expected as there is still moisture in the product, and it will change as it cures. In addition, there will be slight variations in the color as your concrete is made from natural materials and it will reflect differences in moisture, weather, and materials.

As you unpack the product, please inspect it and call your Product Consultant if there are any damaged or missing pieces. Claims must be made within 10 days of delivery.

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